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The day was organised by Timeline Events, who provide opportunities for the photography of historic scenes. A group of around 30 participants photographed steam engines from Marder’s Yard in Andover and were transported by tractor trailer along country lanes to Hurstborne Priors and back over the course of the day.

The steam engines returned to The Plough around 4pm, giving another opportunity for families in Longparish to enjoy taking photos. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon and many of those participating in the event stayed to enjoy a drink and meal in the pub garden. 

“We had a wonderful welcome from Steve and Lucy and were delighted to visit this newly-renovated community pub,” said organiser Colin March. “Thank you for providing the perfect venue in Longparish - we look forward to returning!”

Sunshine and bacon sandwiches welcome visitors to Longparish

Villagers were delighted to enjoy the sights and sounds of steam engines outside The Plough Inn over Easter weekend, as the village pub provided the base for “a morning and afternoon of road steam action in deepest Hampshire.” (Event organiser)



Landlord Steve provided a warming breakfast from 8am by special arrangement with the organisers, who chose The Plough as their base after visiting last year, shortly after the community pub opened for business.

“It was great to see so many people here early on Easter Saturday,” says Steve. “On a bumper weekend for us the steam engines were an added treat.”


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